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The Eternal Traveler

Updated: May 13, 2021

The Eternal Traveler walked down the side of the wide highway as cars zoomed past him. His shoes were well worn, for he had been walking for ages upon ages. He didn’t care what kind of car picked him up. All he searched for was a willing car that would let him in.

One lady in a luxury red Porsche rolled up her windows and got in the next lane over as she drove by. She was on her way to buy a new wallet, the old one that sat in the seat beside her wasn’t big enough anymore. She was already blessed, why help the poor and downtrodden?

A guy in a black Chevrolet saw the man and took his foot off the gas to slow down. But then he glanced at his watch and the financial documents crammed into the tiny briefcase in the seat beside him. He simply didn’t have time and so he sped back up as he passed.

And so the Eternal Traveler continued to walk down the side of the highway. The sun sent blasts of antagonizing heat at the man as he continued forward. Always forward.

Several cars sped past, going too fast to even notice the Eternal Traveler.

A woman in her late 30s saw the man walking and pulled her blue Minivan over. She had picked up many travelers, although most didn’t last long. Her passenger seat was always empty, nothing seemed to fill it. She opened the side door to let him in and they exchanged pleasantries. The man was kind and gentle, but with a passion in his eyes she’d never seen before. She glanced at the air conditioning, realizing he must be hot, but she’d had it running and was cold, so she left it off. They began to drive down the highway. The man knew a better road. Although narrow, it was much faster. He suggested they get off at the next exit but she continued forward down the highway. After a few minutes, a sign caught the woman’s eye, a detour she found exciting. And so she parted ways with the Eternal Traveler, letting him out before she sped off to the next thing.

The man watched her go and he let out a long, labored sigh. Then he began to walk once again. His well worn shoes making a song as they squeaked to the beat of his search for a willing car.

A young lady, no older than 20, noticed the man. She wanted to help the man, but then she glanced at the brochures in the seat next to her and touched her stomach that was just beginning to bulge. She had too much going on in her own life and was afraid the man would judge her, so she drove past him.

A guy in a beat up truck roared past the man. As he past he grabbed an empty can from the seat next to him and chucked it out the window. The blaring profane music combined with the foul stench of beer numbed him as he passed. He let out a shout of victory as the can hit the Eternal Traveler on the arm.

An older woman with a large and visible cross necklace dangling from her mirror shook her head as she watched the exchange. Her little white Honda however was perfectly pristine, and so she couldn’t let the man in either.

And so the Eternal Traveler kept on walking down the wide road. For no one was willing to let him in.

Would you?


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