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Do you believe in the power of stories?

Help me inspire transformation by using the power of storytelling to reveal God's truth

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I am thrilled to announce an exciting partnership between my creative ministry and Divine Creative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting Christian creatives who view their gifts as a ministry opportunity. Together, we are on a mission to produce inspiring content that uplifts, transforms, and reveals God's truth through the power of storytelling.

I firmly believe that stories have the potential to bring about change, growth, and a profound shift in mindset.

My journey began with a simple belief in the power of storytelling. As an author, I personally experienced the transformational potential of stories. When faced with bullying and the desire for an escape, stories became a refuge for me. As I grew older, I longed for a depth that was lacking in secular stories, and even many Christian ones. But there were powerful stories that made an impact on my life. They inspired my own journey with Christ through the journeys of the characters. I came to understand that stories are not just tales but powerful tools for change

My mission is to create those kinds of stories for others; to create impactful stories in various forms, including books, talks/events, audio content, shows, and blog/social media posts. Regardless of the format, every story I tell will focus on demonstrating the impact of God's truth through character arcs, themes, and allegories, ultimately inspiring individual transformation. I aim to encourage people to follow God, seek His will, and align with His truth.

I invite you to partner with me in this creative ministry. Your support will fund exciting future projects, including an immersive audiobook of "Downfall," a music album inspired by the book, the second installment of the Creativity Stone Series (and other future books), and even an animated TV show based off of the series. 

In return, you'll receive exclusive content, regular updates on my progress, and the unique opportunity to provide creative input on future stories. Plus, your donation is tax-deductible.

If you share my belief in the power of storytelling as a ministry tool, if you recognize that God can change lives through stories, and if you want to make a real impact, I encourage you to partner with me through making a one-time or monthly donation.

Together, we can glorify God through the art of storytelling to bring hope, faith, and transformation to the world. Thank you for considering joining me in this exciting journey.

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