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Downfall Cover


The Creativity Stone Series Book 1

When the Judges of Mercy and the Judges of Justice wage war in the mystical world of Novitas, seventeen-year-old Joshua must choose between his own selfish desires and God’s true, unknowable plan.

Joshua didn’t ask to be a leader, and he didn’t ask to die. But when his best friend, Dedecus takes a stone with the power of creation and brings him back to life, Joshua has no choice but to accept his new role–he must unite the warring denominations and prove that The Almighty is a God of both justice and mercy. Now equipped with the spiritual superpower of healing, he must also learn to spiritually heal a divided nation.

Now it’s up to Joshua and God to bring justice to the land and–hopefully–stop Dedecus from his path of revenge and destruction.

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Praise for Downfall

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"Downfall takes you on an unforgettable journey navigating through faith and bitter betrayal.
Chalk full of heart wrenching emotions, and trials this wholesome story reflects the fragility in ourselves and the grace of savior."

Rebecca Monroe

Stories of Fides Short Stories

Read free canon short stories connected to Downfall and the Creativity Stone series

The Quest for the Cabin

"When Steven Waters accepted the position of Judge of Mercy, he had no idea how woefully unprepared he was to face his own people. As theological questions threaten to tear apart Fides Village, Steven and Jefferson Gent to go on a journey that will not only transform their lives, but alter the course of the village's future."

An Unlikely Friendship

"The moment that started it all. Discover the moment when Joshua, Namid, and Dedecus's paths collide."

Settling Purificati

"Read Marvin's journal and discover what happened to him and Freda after they left Novitas!"

To read this story, order a copy of Downfall and send it to a friend. Then email me and I'll send you this exclusive story

Dancing with God

"Experience the moment when Namid's life completely transformed. The moment she wept atop Peaceful Plateau, when  she cried out to her Heavenly father and he responded."


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Other Stories

Philemon and Onesimus: A biblical fiction story of reconciliation

The book of Philemon is one of Paul's shortest but most powerful letters. This biblical fiction novella is a transformative story of countercultural reconciliation and forgiveness, and a testament of God’s power working through ordinary people.
And the best part, it’s only 99 cents to rent or $1.99 to buy. This novella was created through a partnership with FaithJournies App, this story can be found on their app on the Apple and google play store here:

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Podcast Guest on the Thankfulness Project Podcast

Need motivation?
Hear my publishing testimony and how God turned my preemptive praise into an altar of testimony

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