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My Top 5 for Christian Fiction Fantasy Lovers

Updated: May 13, 2021

As someone who started out as a reader, not a writer, there are so many incredible books and series, in addition to my own, that I would highly recommend. So here are my top 5 I would recommend for anyone looking for a good fantasy novel or series that glorifies God.

1. The Circle series by Ted Dekker-

This one is easily my favorite series. Instead of using normal fantasy elements such as dragons or dwarfs, Ted Dekker creates his own, entirely unique world. The series begins with Black, continues in Red and White, then ends (or does it) with Green. I can't decide what part I love most about this series, and I won't give away any spoilers, but I can promise you that the image of Thomas Hunter diving into a green lake will be imprinted in your mind forever. For anyone wanting a fresh perspective on God or the fantasy genre, this is the series for you. Dive deep!

2. Beyond the Circle series by Ted Dekker-

Stepping back years later into the Books of History Chronicles, the series universe the Circle is set in, Ted Dekker gives us a deeply theological series and new perspective on the book Green. Very engaging and thought provoking. Don't worry not all of this list is Ted Dekker books.

3. The Seer Novels by Rachelle Dekker-

I told you not all of them were by Ted Dekker. Taking her father's work as a jumping off point, Rachelle Dekker excels with her flagship series, the seer novels. Set in a dystopian future, Rachelle Dekker takes several tropes from her father's work and provides a unique, feminine perspective. I am highly looking forward to her next work.

4. The Sword of Lyric series by Sharon Hink

Ever wonder what would happen if, instead of the main character being a young man or woman, a middle-aged housewife was thrown into a fantasy world? The results are surprisingly incredible. I first read this series when I was a teenager and despite having very little in common with the main character, I could easily connect with her. If a teenage guy can, you will too.

5. Dragons in our Midst series by Bryan Davis

While this series is written for young adults, where Bryan Davis excels is at creating engaging characters combined with great action that everyone can appreciate. While this one is less theologically deep than the others on this list, it's still a great read. The best part about this series, in my opinion, is that while it originally has only four books in it, Bryan Davis also wrote a prequel/sequel series, The Oracles of Fire. The fourth book, or eighth book depending on how you're counting, is the perfect finale. It satisfyingly wraps up every plot line and character arch. He also wrote Children of the Bard, a second sequel series set years later. In all there are 12 books in this franchise.

6. Bonus one! Downfall by Caleb Ward

Okay I know I'm kind of prejudiced, but seriously you guys should check this one out. Crafted as a love letter to my reading addiction and my own childhood, this book and the sequel coming soon, show that fantasy novels don't have to be all plot driven. An interesting and engaging story can be told where the characters themselves are their own archenemies.


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