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God the Father

Updated: May 13, 2021

God the Father raced down the corridor with a smile that would outshine all the stars in all two trillion galaxies he’d created combined. As he ran, he passed billions of baby pictures he’d carefully hung on the wall, pictures of children that had yet to be born, pictures of children that he cherished more than anything else he would create on earth, in the solar system, in the whole universe, and in all of heaven.

He shot into the room where all the angels had gathered in celebration and worship of him. The archangel Michael was leading them in a victory cry of “he is the great I Am, creator and lover of all, he is victorious!”

The countless throng of angels let out a roar of victory that electrified the air with power that would count as a level twelve earthquake on Earth.

God raced through the crowd, jumping and laughing in excitement like a little child at his newest creation, completely uncaring about having any level of decorum.

Running right onto the stage and nearly running completely over Michael, he let out a shout of victory that seemed to shake the whole universe.

“I have created another incredible and wonderful human that is so beautiful and perfect that it has to be my greatest creation yet!” He said, grinning and bouncing up and down like a child on a sugar high. The angels all smiled knowingly, for God had been hard at work writing out the billions of lives of the human race and every single time he finished one his reaction was exactly the same. He was a God of absolute, never ending, unchanging, unconditional, relentless, powerful love for his children, and they all knew that when he said that the newest one was his greatest creation, he meant it with every single fiber of his infinite being, even as he said that about every single human that would one day be born, live a sinner, die on the earth, and go to their eternal destination, whether it be heaven or hell.

They all knew that no human would be perfect, free will was messy and heartbreakingly painful for the Creator who was ecstatic about his newest beloved creation.

Even though he knew that this human, like all the others, would at least once in their life betray him, ignore him, and abandon him, God didn’t care because all that mattered to him was the chance to have a relationship with his creation. According to him, he was willing to die a trillion deaths and heartbreaks if it meant getting to love and be loved by a single person. He absolutely could not wait to reach out and just be with this newest one, just like he couldn’t wait to be with each and every other soul that would one day leave his mind, enter it’s mother’s womb, and be born onto the earth.

A bolt of vibrant reds, greens, and blues enveloped him as he continued on like a proud grandparent bragging about his child. The flashes of color gained energy from his power and excitement before rocketing off through the crowd of angels and into the infinite sky, leaving a beautiful design of rich color in their wake.

“I absolutely cannot wait to meet this one!!” He said, showing all the angels the countless pictures of the person that would one day be born. “I have decided that they shall be named—“

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